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THE TALENT HOUSE - 325 W. 38TH ST, #605, NEW YORK, NY 10018

(212) 957-5220



  • A TIME TO KILL                          Looney/Rodeheaver u/s    Golden Theater dir. Ethan McSweeny

  • CYMBELINE                                Ensemble/Cloten u/s                Lincoln Center Theater dir. Mark Lamos

  • CYRANO DE BERGERAC           Featured Stage Fighter               Metropolitan Opera dir. Francesca Zambello  



  • TREASURE ISLAND                                Long John Silver              Cincinnati Playhouse dir. Blake Robison

  • THEY DON’T PAY WE DON’T PAY          Actor                              Portland Stage dir. Ron Botting

  • FOX ON THE FAIRWAY                           Dickie                             Northern Statge dir. Maggie Burrows

  • A TIME TO KILL                                      Cobb/Rodeheaver            Arena Stage dir. Ethan McSweeny

  • RECKLESS                                             Lloyd                             Denver Center dir. Scott Schwartz

  • LOST IN YONKERS                                 Louie                              The Old Globe dir. Scott Schwartz

  • THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP                  Lady Hillcrest, etc               The Old Globe dir. Henry Wishcamper

  • OPUS                                                   Alan                                The Old Globe dir. Kyle Donnelly

  • THE THREE MUSKETEERS                     Porthos                           Seattle Repertory dir  Kyle Donnelly

  •  JANE EYRE                                            Brocklehurst/Mason          The Acting Company  Davis McCallum

  •  MAO ON LINE ONE                                Daniel                             Kelly Gillespie

  •  WAITING FOR GODOT                            Lucky                            Tangent Theater co.  Keith Teller

  •  THE NERD                                            Rick Steadman                Delaware Theater Anne Marie Cammarato


  • THREE MUSKETEERS Rochefort Rick Sordelet

  • WHAT THE BUTLER SAW                           Sergeant Match                       Paul Mullins

  • MERCHANT OF VENICE                          Lancelot Gobo                         Robert Cuccioli

  • LOVES LABOURS LOST                              Don Armado                            Brian Crowe

  • MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING             Dogberry                                 Scott Wentworth

  • THE TEMPEST                                              Stephano                                 Bonnie J. Monte

  • THE ALCHEMIST                                          Abel Drugger                          Bonnie J. Monte

  • FALLEN ANGELS                                         Fred                                          Matthew Arbour

  • OLIVER TWIST                                             Bill Sikes                                   Brian Crowe

  • HENRY IV, PART ONE                                 Poins/Vernon                           Joseph Discher

  • ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST       Sergeant                        Paul Mullins

  • COMPLETE WORKS OF W. SHAKESPEARE      Adam                             Jason King Jones

  • THE RIVALS                                                   Bob Acres                               Matthew Arbour

  • LIFE OF GALILEO                                           Ludovico                                 Joseph Discher

  • MACBETH                                                      Porter                                      Bonnie J. Monte

  • ENRICO IV                                                     Landolph                                 Bonnie J. Monte

  • THREE SISTERS                                               Solyony                                   Bonnie J. Monte

  • THE BLUE BIRD                                               Bread                                       Bonnie J. Monte


  • LAW & ORDER: SVU                                       Co-Star                                      NBC

  • THE DETOUR                                                   Co-Star                                      TBS

  • SHERRI SHEPHERD SHOW                             Russ The Carpenter                    Buena Vista Productions


University Of Michigan, BFA